FREE Aerial Silks Choreography Challenge


Join our FREE 5 day Aerial Silks Challenge 'Act Up!'

Are you wanting to create your own Aerial Silks act but not sure where to start? From trick selection, to transitions, music, choreography and counts, there is so much to think about it can be overwhelming!

Over the years we have figured out a fool-proof method for creating a successful aerial act and we are excited to share it with you in this 5 day challenge!

During the challenge you will learn:

  • A climb, combination and choreography on the Aerial Silks (appropriate for rigs below and above 15 feet of height)
  • How to flow the combination together with seamless transitions
  • How to add music and match it to your act (music and counts provided)
  • How to add intention and artistry to tell a story and inspire your audience

Interested in joining the FREE challenge? Register up below, we can't wait to work with you!

Ready to learn choreography and expand your Aerial Silks technique and artistry while having a ton of fun?